Graduate Association

2013-14 Graduate Associates
Aya Aboudina, Civil Engineering
Luca Berardi, Criminology
David Bristow, Civil Engineering
Jessica Carriere, Social Work
Evan Castel, Geography
Amanda De Lisio, Kinesiology and Physical Education
Gabriel Eidelman, Political Science
Lia Frederiksen, Geography
Nadine Ibrahim, Civil Engineering
Anna Kramer, Urban Planning
Kristian Larsen, Geography and Planning
James Nugent, Geography
Ahmed Osman Idris, Civil Engineering
Matthew Patterson, Sociology
Bharat Punjabi,* Geography
Scott Sams, Political Science
David Seitz, Geography
Erin Toop, Civil Engineering
Donna Vakalis, Civil Engineering
Anne Wessels, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning OISE
Jordana Wright, Criminology

*Coordinator, Cities Centre Lunch and Learn Series

The Cities Centre Graduate Association is an initiative begun in 2011 to bring together graduate students and post-doctoral fellows involved in urban-related research. The program encourages young researchers to actively engage with the Centre’s research community to exchange ideas and foster possible collaboration. The association does not offer research funding to participants, but provides an opportunity to connect with researchers focusing on urban issues across various departments within the University of Toronto, other Canadian universities, as well as urban professionals and practitioners.


1. Formally bring together post-doctoral fellows and graduate students interested in urban issues as recognized members of Cities Centre’s research community;

2. Provide a graduate forum for interdisciplinary collaboration on urban research ;

3. Initiate and encourage activities and events that will foster both formal and informal engagement among Associates, established scholars and professionals involved in urban issues and research. These may include seminars, presentations, and reading/discussion groups.


To be formally recognized as a Cities Centre Graduate Associate, one must be either:

1. A post-doctoral fellow who has been accepted to work in the Centre in residence under the supervision of a faculty member affiliated with the Centre.

2. A University of Toronto graduate student currently involved in urban-related research (e.g. master’s level major research paper or thesis, doctoral dissertation) who has been recommended by his/her academic supervisor.

3. A University of Toronto post-doctoral researcher working in the urban field who has been recommended by his/her research supervisor.

Prospective members will be required to submit a form, signed by his/her supervisor, with the following basic information:

1. Name, position/degree program, and home department;

2. Research topic/interest (including title and abstract, if available);

3. Name, position, and home department of supervisor, with signature (as official endorsement).

The form may be downloaded here Please submit completed forms to:

Cities Centre
455 Spadina Avenue, Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5S 2G8
Tel. (416) 946-3688
Fax (416) 978-7162

Your application will be reviewed by Graduate Association Committee and you will be contacted within two weeks. Your membership will be valid on an annual basis according to the academic year. Renewals will require a new application.