International Research

Cities Centre partners with institutions and organizations around the world on cross-sectoral and cross-cultural exchanges, learning collaborations and joint research projects.

For more than two decades, Cities Centre (since 2008), and its former configuration (prior to 2008)
The Centre for Urban and Community Studies (CUCS), has taken part in cross-sectoral and cross-cultural exchanges, learning collaborations, and joint research projects in countries around the world. At the invitation of foreign governments, research councils, international development agencies, or NGOs, Cities Centre provides technical assistance, consulting, academic exchange and training, monitoring, and evaluation in:

* urban planning, governance & management;
* affordable housing & housing policy;
* environmental planning;
* public policy;
* urban transportation & infrastructure;
* urban education & health;
* local economic development & budgeting;
* information systems & data management;
* human rights issues in relation to urban development

Cities Centre matches relevant Canadian expertise to its projects through its network of municipal and provincial governmental departments, civil society organizations and NGOs, and U of T divisions such as OISE-UT, the Centre for International Health, the Faculty of Social Work, the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, and the Munk Centre for Global Affairs. These international initiatives have received support from funding institutions such as CIDA, SSHRC, the World Bank, and the Ford Foundation, among others.

Recent international research initiatives include:
* studies on family and social structure and their impact on health in urban India;
* capacity-building for sustainable urban development in Bolivia;
* decentralization of municipal services in Ukraine.

A recent project in India, co-funded by the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute and CIDA and carried out in partnership with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, promoted sustainable community development by improving access to affordable good quality health care for families living in urban slums. In Ukraine, Cities Centre collaborates with the National Academy of Public Administration at the Office of the President of Ukraine, and its regional institutes in Odesa and Kharkiv to improve curricula and policy mechanisms related to decentralized quality assurance procedures and local governance in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine.

Cities Centre also collaborates with partners in Europe, the United States, China, and Japan to advance networking and comparative studies in housing, urban transportation, and urban planning. Cities Centre develops its projects through participatory planning and a results-based management approach.

For further information: Cities Centre, 455 Spadina Avenue, Suite 400, Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 2G8 (416) 946-3688