Tower Neighbourhood Renewal

Cities Centre's mission is to facilitate multi-disciplinary research on key challenges to create sustainable urban regions. The Tower Neighbourhood Renewal (TNR) initiative is an excellent research challenge that requires innovation across several disciplines and the coordination of a multitude of stakeholders.

Cities Centre is supporting this initiative by hosting symposia, connecting researchers and students with project stakeholders, and acting as a hub of knowledge on the initiative.

Organizations and Reports

Tower Neighbourhood Renewal Symposium,  May 12 2011
Tower Neighbourhood Renewal Symposium,  Nov 8 2010

While the Centre is not in a position at this time to provide financial support to TNR researchers, it is actively pursuing research opportunities and is very interested in establishing research partnerships with other universities, government agencies, NGOs and the private sector to collectively advance the TNR research agenda and the implementation of our research into practice.

For resources and reports on Tower Renewal, visit:
- City of Toronto, Mayor's Tower Renewal Office website
- ERA Architects Inc.'s Tower Renewal Blog
- City of Toronto, City Manager's Office website
- CUG+R (Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal) website

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Please see the following links for more information about organizations involved with Tower Renewal and research being done at the University of Toronto relevant to Tower Neighbourhood Renewal.